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Meeting Room Venues Near Dulles, Virginia

Extended network locations near Dulles, VA:

Dulles, Virginia 1 venue in this city
Herndon, Virginia 5 venues approximately 3 miles away
Reston, Virginia 1 venue approximately 4 miles away
Vienna, Virginia 1 venue approximately 10 miles away
Fairfax, Virginia 2 venues approximately 11 miles away
Mclean, Virginia 2 venues approximately 14 miles away
Falls Church, Virginia 1 venue approximately 15 miles away
Washington, District Of Columbia 13 venues approximately 23 miles away
Greenbelt, Maryland 1 venue approximately 30 miles away
Columbia, Maryland 4 venues approximately 35 miles away
Hagerstown, Maryland 1 venue approximately 49 miles away
Baltimore, Maryland 2 venues approximately 50 miles away
Cockeysville, Maryland 1 venue approximately 55 miles away
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 1 venue approximately 89 miles away

Venues Featured Venues

  1. Attune Dulles
    12950 Worldgate Drive, Suite 400 Herndon, VA 20170
  2. Attune Washington D.C.
    1110 Vermont Avenue NW, Suite 700 Washington, DC 20005
  3. Reston Center
    12120 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 100, Reston, Virginia 20190
  4. Columbia Center
    10480 Little Patuxent Parkway, 7th Floor, Columbia, Maryland 21044
  5. Baltimore Center
    8890 McGaw Road, Suite 200, Columbia, Maryland 21045
  6. Baltimore - North Center
    338 Clubhouse Road, Hunt Valley, Maryland 21031

Cities with additional venues Cities with Additional Venues

  1. Dulles, VA
  2. Herndon, VA
  3. Reston, VA
  4. Vienna, VA
  5. Fairfax, VA
  6. Mclean, VA
  7. Falls Church, VA
  8. Washington, DC
  9. Greenbelt, MD
  10. Columbia, MD
  11. Hagerstown, MD
  12. Baltimore, MD
  13. Cockeysville, MD
  14. Mechanicsburg, PA

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Meeting in Dulles, Virginia

The perfect meeting room space is one that is conducive to sharing ideas while providing the amenities one comes to expect from a professional company. Attune is dedicated to providing meeting spaces that are designed to meet the needs of our corporate clients’ business.

Attune's meeting rooms in Dulles come with a vast array of amenities, including a full-time, well-trained hospitality staff, on-site IT services dedicated to helping with the setup and installation of necessary software and hardware, and custom gourmet and catering services that appeal to a wide range of palates. To keep our clients on top of things, we offer access to beverages and snacks. Meetings can sometimes stray because of extraneous factors, and to avoid this, Attune also offers our clientele computer-equipped rooms and the potential for virtual meetings. To support these endeavors, we also provide premium bandwidth and Wi-Fi across the facility.

The adaptability of our meeting rooms in Dulles makes them viable for all types of corporate meetings. Alternate seating options and flexible booking schedules are perfect for companies that need to have access to a rolling schedule for their meetings. The goals of corporate meetings differ, and at Attune, we believe in ensuring that the needs of the client are met so that they can forge on with the more essential things. Contact us today to work out a booking schedule that suits your company.

Experience Dulles

Located a mere 10 minutes from the Washington Dulles International Airport, Attune Dulles offers each access for all your attendees, no matter where they’re coming from. The city's popular attractions are located relatively close by, with some notable locations being:

  • Dulles National Mall and Memorial Sites
    The most visited national park in the nation, the National Mall boasts iconic sites like a Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials. A true testament to the legacy of the nation's more memorable past Presidents.

  • Manassas National Battlefield Park
    The park is a historic location, preserving the site of the First and Second battles of Bull Run, which were fought during the American Civil War. It’s the perfect attraction for a history buff.

  • Space Shuttle Discovery
    The Air and Space Museum in Dulles is famous for housing the Space Shuttle Discovery, a piece of science history that anyone who enjoys space travel just HAS to see.

  • Mount Vernon
    The plantation of the first president of the US, George Washington, Mount Vernon is a slice of history carved out and preserved for us to see and experience firsthand. Visitors to the estate form part of a rich 200-year heritage in getting to take a look at Washington's living quarters.

  • Tysons Galleria
    Upscale shopping in all its glory, Tysons Galleria is a must-visit for anyone who wants to experience the thrill of the chase in downtown Washington. With stores and restaurants galore, there's always something new to experience within this mall.


Events in Dulles

  • Virginia Wine Festival (October)
    Virginia's vintages are a legend in wine-tasting circles, and the Virginia Wine Festival offers participants the chance to taste exactly what makes these bottles so unique. With over 200 wines available for visitors to sample, you can get a proper cross-section of the variety available from the state. The admission price of $15 includes unlimited wine tasting.

  • World Heritage Festival (August)
    Held at the Ida Lee Park, the World Heritage Festival is a little like a state fair, with ethnic food and local artisans displaying their wares for all. Admission is free, and the event is extremely family-friendly.

  • Fairfax Water Lantern Festival (September)
    The Water Lantern Festival is a breathtaking sight to see. Attendees get a lantern kit and a surprise gift. When the sun goes down, the water comes to life with paper lanterns floating on the surface - an image out of a picture book if ever there was one. If you intend to visit, warm clothes and a blanket to sit on when the temperature gets chilly after nightfall are must-haves.

  • Frederick Jazz Festival (June)
    In downtown Fredrick, the Jazz festival is relatively young (only having been held for three years consecutively) but offers an extensive sampling of artists. The lineup boasts the likes of the Eric Byrd Trio and Kenny Wesley - the Soulful Nerd.

Attune is always professional, courteous and attentive to any and all needs we have to conduct our classes. If you're looking for a great training location with a friendly staff look no more.

Howard M.

This was the best training center I have been to ever. Great experience from start to finish.

George C.

"There are always plenty of snacks and beverages for students to enjoy and the staff makes every effort to accommodate needs."


The computers were up and running very quickly for everyone. It was a uniform and uninterrupted experience.

Gregory C.

The staff was wonderfully helpful with our large group. Food and drinks were readily available at all times. Would definitely use this venue again!

Cassie J.

The Attune staff is super friendly, and it’s nice to be off site for training.

Kim S.