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Virtual Training Labs & Cloud-Based Solutions

Attune’s Virtual Training Lab puts immersive technical and application training in the hands of your learners instantly.

With just a click of a button, you can connect hundreds of learners to a computer lab from anywhere in the world—all learners need is a browser. There is no software installation or dedicated IT staff required. And the best part? Attune supports your entire event from set-up to finish. You won’t find that with any other cloud-based lab provider on the market.

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We set up and support the lab environment—you show up and teach

Attune takes care of every detail. From lab hosting and set up to technical support throughout the duration of your event. We do this so:

Learners enjoy rich, interactive hands-on labs from the comfort of their home or office.
Instructors have full control of learners machines, providing over-the-shoulder instruction.
Training program managers can feel confident their events will run smoothly and be fully supported.

A virtual technical environment suited to a variety of training needs

Instructor Led Training

Our training labs may be deployed on premise, at a third party venue, or entirely remote. Learners’ are taught in real-time and receive immediate feedback from instructors through screen-controls and monitoring features.

When you work with Attune, instructors don’t have to worry about technology. We ensure the lab environment meets your exact specification, is fully operational, secure, and ready for learners.
Virtual Training Labs are great for:

  • CRM Training
  • CMS Training
  • Marketing Automation Training
  • Medical Records Training
  • Coding Workshops
  • Server Operation and Maintenance Training
  • And more...

Environment Duplication

Are you running proprietary software applications within your own cloud provider (Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure)? Do you need to duplicate and simulate this environment for training purposes? Attune’s Virtual Training Labs can run any technical environment you’ve created in your own cloud environment and scale it to suit any size class.

Running your own technical platforms through our lab environment combines the benefits and strengths from both.

Imagine all that you can do with a Virtual Training Lab...


Live Self-Paced Training


Virtual Public Training


Software Development and Testing


Product Launches or Demonstrations


Proof of Concept or Customer Trials


On-Site Client Training

Enterprise-Wide Training

Enterprise-Wide Training


Partner Training

Support is key to deploying and using a Virtual Training Lab successfully

Event Set Up

Let our experienced team handle the set up of your virtual lab environment We walk you through the process from building your lab to helping your instructor and learners prepare for the class. We help with:

  • Creating the virtual environment
  • Configuring and maintaining learners’ virtual machines
  • Scheduling access to lab environments for instructors and learners

Add two-way, audio/video conferencing to your Virtual Training Lab environment

By combining Virtual Training Lab with our Virtual Attendance platform, you can replicate a live, computer classroom environment. The Virtual Attendance platform allows two-way communication between learners and the instructors. The goal is to replicate a live, in-person classroom where face-to-face collaboration is an important part of the class.

Learn more about our Virtual Attendance platform.

Our Virtual Training Labs put you in control

Environment Scalability

Ready-to-use platforms that flex with your needs.

Customizable Interface

Brand-able interface in which you can add custom color schemes, messaging, instructions, surveys, and more.

Powerful Instructor Tools

Real-time “over-the-shoulder” monitoring, optional two-way communication feature, and remote control assistance to help guide learners every step of the way.

Pay as You Go

Pay for only what you need—preset lab times to control costs.

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