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Virtual Meeting & Training Rooms

Virtual Attendance Options for Live, In-Person Events Attune’s Virtual Attendance technology provides the ability to experience live, instructor-led training and other in-person events from your home or office.

With Virtual Attendance, attendees receive all of the same benefits of a live event with the convenience of participating in a more comfortable environment while keeping safe and saving on travel time and cost. Attune not only provides the technology to originate a virtual event, but we also provide technical support during the event for a seamless experience.

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Meet, Learn, and Collaborate From Anywhere

Virtual Attendance is fast becoming the go-to solution to learn and attend meetings. Our two-way video conferencing platform allows for high-quality two-way communication between the instructor/facilitator and event participants. Our platform allows you to:

  • See and hear everything happening in the room
  • Raise hands and ask questions
  • View and interact with session content including:
    • Presentations
    • Videos
    • Whiteboard notes

With Attune’s virtual meeting spaces, you can host your virtual events from any of our worldwide origination sites. Attune’s Virtual Attendance rooms make it easier than ever before for participants to collaborate,  strategize, and learn from anywhere around the world.

Hybrid Delivery

A hybrid meeting incorporates the best of both worlds, providing options to attend events either onsite or virtually. If implemented the right way, you can cater to individuals local to the venue while offering the same content to those who are not able to travel to your event.

Hybrid delivery can help you boost event registrations by removing the obstacle of travel. Additionally, as venues restrict the number of individuals that may be accommodated due to social distancing directives, hybrid becomes a viable alternative by offering a very similar experience to those actually in the event room.

How do you want to use Attune's Virtual Attendance

  • Board Meetings
  • Workshops
  • Presentations
  • Enterprise-Wide Training
  • Partner Training
  • Client Training
  • Software Training
  • Network Security Training
  • Brainstorming Session
  • Conference
  • Product Announcement
  • Computer Lab Training

Attune’s Virtual Attendance solution has the flexibility you need

Using Attunes Virtual Attendance solution events may be delivered completely remote, however most of our clients leverage one of Attune’s venues which include professional audio/visual equipment, digital presentation tools, and high bandwidth to deliver their event. There are a variety of possible configurations for your virtual event. Below are just a few of the options.

Participants in Classroom,
Facilitator/Instructor Remote

Local participants meet at an Attune venue and connect with the event facilitator who is remote. This setup is ideal if the event leader is not local and travel is not convenient or possible.

Live Facilitator/Instructor & Participants, Additional Participants Remote

A small group of participants and the facilitator attend the event at an Attune location and additional participants join the event remotely. Remote attendees are seen and heard on large monitors in the back of the room.

Connect Multiple Attune Rooms
in the Same or Different Locations

Events that require additional space between participants may connect multiple rooms in the same or different Attune locations.

Bring in Guest Speakers,
Executives, or SMEs

Events that require additional speakers may connect to one or multiple Attune venues using our Virtual Attendance platform.

Support is critical to successful event delivery

Even if you have all of the right equipment to deploy a virtual or hybrid event experience, support is the most critical factor between success and failure. Attune not only ensures you have the tech you need, we support you with the proper platform licensing, setup, bandwidth, security requirements, and technical support during your event.

Event Setup and Support

Prior to the event, Attune helps configure your virtual and physical rooms. Once the event is set up, we ensure the facilitator is comfortable presenting in the virtual environment. We provide:

  • Instructor training on Virtual Attendance platform features and functionality
  • Troubleshooting to ensure a smooth event
  • Full support of both instructor and participants during live events

Need to host a virtual technical event? Add a cloud-based lab

By combining Virtual Training Lab with our Virtual Attendance platform, you can replicate a live, computer classroom environment. The Virtual Attendance platform allows two-way communication between learners and the instructors, while Virtual Training Lab serves up your technical environment. The goal is to replicate a live, technical computer classroom where face-to-face collaboration is an important part of the class.

Learn more about Attune's Virtual Training Lab.

More reasons to incorporate Virtual Attendance to your next event

Easy to Use

All remote users need to participate in a virtual event is a computer, internet connection, speakers, and a microphone—it’s that easy.

No Risk

There is no technology investment, IT infrastructure to install, software to buy, or usage contracts to sign—plus, you can easily try it risk-free.

Cost Savings

With Virtual Attendance you can host more participants in geographically dispersed locations, saving on travel costs and time away from the office.

Reduced Cancellations

If cancellations are a concern, Virtual Attendance provides another great way to keep classes full.

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