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Hold Events Without Disruption

It’s never been easier or more important to keep work moving! Embrace the power of Attune’s Virtual Attendance solution to safely and securely meet with your team and train staff, clients, and partners from any location!

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Meeting & Training Rooms for Virtual Attendees

At Attune, remote attendance goes far beyond traditional video conferencing. State-of-the-art virtual collaboration tools allow your participants to contribute to the discussion just like they’re right there in the room with you.

Meet, Learn, and Collaborate From Anywhere

  • See and hear everything happening in the room
  • Raise hands and ask questions
  • View and interact with session content including:
    • Presentations
    • Videos
    • Whiteboard notes
    • And more

Why Use Virtual Attendance?


Easy of Use
All remote users need to participate in an event is a computer, internet connection, speakers and a microphone—it’s that easy.

Minimal IT Investment
There is no technology investment, IT infrastructure to install, software to buy or usage contracts to sign—plus, you can easily try it risk-free.

Cost Savings
Attune virtual attendance gives you the ability to effectively host more participants in geographically dispersed locations, so you save on travel costs and reduce employee time away from the office.

End-to-End Support
When you work with Attune, we manage every training detail—before, during and after your event.

Reduced Cancellations
Since participants can access events from any location and on any device, you can include more learners and minimize cancellations due to low enrollment.

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