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Corporate Training Instructor & Moderator Sourcing


Whether you need just one instructor to supplement your existing team or hundreds to support a large-scale training initiative, Attune can provide your organization with quality talent to meet your learning objectives. Whether you need someone who specializes in soft skills training or an industry knowledge expert, our massive database of qualified instructors allows is to find the perfect match for your event requirements.


Qualified Instructors Where and When You Need Them

  • Streamline search and qualification process
  • Improve training time to market
  • Ensure quality instruction and training outcomes

Benefits of Sourcing Your Instructors with Attune

  • Flexibility: We can secure qualified training talent where and when you need them, giving you the ability to scale your team as needed.
  • Cost-effectiveness: With no long-term staffing commitment, you don’t have to worry about the financial impact and paperwork of adding personnel to your payroll.
  • Rigorous screening: We verify instructors’ backgrounds, skills, and certifications to ensure you’re working with the best. Attune sources instructors with the highest feedback ratings.
  • Planning and preparation: Instructor scheduling is confirmed 14 days in advance to ensure all details are finalized and that instructors are prepped and ready to teach.

Training Your Way With Everything You Need

No other training room provider has the global reach, experience, and support to deliver an event better. Attune offers fully-featured training rooms, comfortable amenities that come standard, and outstanding support teams to ensure a seamless execution for your event.