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Virtual Attendance at Attune

How Does It Work?

Virtual Attendance is one of the most popular offerings in our comprehensive services suite. This technology combines the learning benefits of live, instructor-led training with the power and flexibility of a virtual platform. The result is an equal learning environment in which remote participants experience the same instructor interaction and learning benefits as those physically in the classroom. Virtual Attendance technology allows all students to:

  • See and hear everything that is taking place in the live classroom
  • Raise their hands and ask questions
  • View and interact with course content (presentations, videos, whiteboard notes and more)
  • Experience real-time collaboration

Virtual Attendance allows instructors to teach naturally and focus on their message, rather than technology.

Remote students get a unique hybrid learning experience with same quality instructor interaction as those physically in the classroom.

Why Use Virtual Attendance?

Reduced Cancellations
Since participants can access events from any location and on any device, you can include more learners and minimize cancellations due to low enrollment.

Easy of Use
All remote users need to participate in an event is a computer, Internet connection, speakers and a microphone—it’s that easy.

Minimal IT Investment
There is no technology investment, IT infrastructure to install, software to buy or usage contracts to sign—plus, you can easily try it risk-free.

Cost Savings
Attune Virtual Training gives you the ability to effectively train more participants in geographically dispersed locations, so you save on travel costs and reduce employee time away from the office.

End-to-End Support
When you work with Attune, we manage every training detail—before, during and after your event.

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