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TDWI (Division of 1105 Media) provides individuals and teams with a comprehensive portfolio of business and technical education and research to acquire the knowledge and skills they need, when and where they need them.  Learning opportunities are offered through a variety of modalities, including a library of e-learning courses, on-site education, as well as public conferences and seminars.


As the COVID-19 pandemic began to escalate, restrictions on travel, social distancing, and stay-at-home orders were handed down from governments, worldwide. Consequently, TDWI started receiving a flood of cancellations and refund requests from customers that had registered for their live, instructor-led public seminars. TDWI was faced with the potential losing substantial revenue as a result of these cancellations—so they needed a viable solution to deliver these classes, quickly.


TDWI leveraged Attune’s Virtual Attendance technology to deliver their training to a virtual audience. This option allowed instructors to teach from an Attune training center and utilize a professional space and high-tech teaching tools to deliver course content. Learners connected to the classroom remotely and could interact with both fellow participants and the instructor This configuration kept all participants safe, since the instructor was alone in the classroom and learners were all remote.

TDWI could not have converted their classes so quickly to virtual if it were for Attune’s platform and support. TDWI did not have to invest in expensive equipment or licenses or worry about technical set-up or connectivity issues,  Attune’s solution was completely turn-key and fully supported so that instructors could focus on teaching.


TDWI was able to:

  • Save their immediate live class schedule from cancelation
  • Redeem revenues that would have otherwise been lost due to class cancellations
  • Satisfy customers want and need attend these events by offering a virtual option

TDWI’s virtual classes have been so well received that they will continue to leverage virtual technology to future courses. This will help expand their offering to a wider audience and maximize the ROI on these events

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