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Faced with rapid expansion and the need to provide technical training to a large number of new hires, a major veterans health benefits provider worked with Attune to develop a training rollout plan including PC lab build-outs in multiple locations throughout the U.S. This plan allowed them to provide a quality learning experience while still meeting their tight timing and logistic requirements. Attune provided:

  • Venue Selection and Qualification
  • PC Lab Build-out and Support
  • Assistance with Guest Accommodations
  • Catering
  • Logistics



The client manages health benefits under the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Its comprehensive network of civilian healthcare providers currently provide access to healthcare for U.S. military veterans in 28 states in three territories.

They needed to rapidly expand service capacity as a result of the significant increase in health care requests through the Veterans Choice Program. This program allows customers to seek care in their communities to avoid delays or long travel distances to VA medical hospitals. This meant opening five new offices within six months—and simultaneously training nearly 1,000 new employees who needed to be ready when the offices opened.

Corporate training rollouts require attention to detail, clear communication and perfect timing across project tasks. The client turned to Attune to handle all of these details so they could focus their attention on opening several new offices in California, Texas, Tennessee and Louisiana. To further complicate the project, the tight schedule of the office openings meant that the client’s training and expansion team was working on two or three offices at once. “When I was brought on, I was not sure how I was going to accomplish both goals for each location—building out an office and simultaneously setting up training for the new employees.” said their Director of Facilities.



Due to the complexities of the project, the number of employees that needed to be trained, and the short time frame, Attune suggested a custom training rollout. Because the technical training sessions needed to accomodate more than 250 students at a time, traditional computer training rooms were too small to be a viable option. Attune’s team worked with the client to find suitable venues in a total of five locations, convenient to the new offices in San Diego, Sacramento, El Paso, Nashville and New Orleans.

Attune assisted the client with the selection of suitable venues, ensuring that the training locations could handle the strict technical requirements of a large-scale computer training. Attune’s team handled all of the logistics of the offsite PC lab build-outs—coordinating setup and configuration details so that the lab was ready for use when the client arrived. This included timing, computer and equipment sourcing and setup, software imaging and providing a secure, dedicated network. Additionally, Attune staff was available onsite during the training to take care of technical support and ensure that the event went smoothly.



Despite the complicated logistics, Attune was able to put together the first training in under 4 weeks. By utilizing Attune’s rollout solution, the client was able to successfully open their new offices—with their new employees trained and ready to assist veterans with their healthcare needs.

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