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When two medical service delivery companies merge, the need to get operations seamlessly integrated to ensure patient care is not compromised and the business-side of the organization runs smoothly becomes a top priority.

Such was the case when DaVita, a dialysis services practice, acquired Gambro. Successful in their own right, each of these health services organizations had their own unique culture, staffing, demographics, proprietary software applications, processes and procedures. As one entity, it was critical that the new DaVita combine the “best of both worlds” in order to ensure a consistent workflow and improvement in the overall delivery of services.

As with many acquisitions, the size and scope of the training was substantial. DaVita was first faced with the task of distilling best practices from both Gambro and DaVita and then training more than 20,000 employees in 1,300 facilities nationwide, on new software applications, processing and testing equipment.


Client Objectives

Considering the enormity of this training rollout and the technical requirements involved, DaVita needed an end-to-end training solutions partner who knew the healthcare services industry, had a wide national reach and had the expertise and breadth of services to meet their technological, instructor and administrative requirements.
DaVita engaged Attune to facilitate and manage their training rollout and believed that this partnership would deliver a comprehensive and valuable learning experience ensuring efficient knowledge transfer without interruption in the quality of service delivery or compromise of patient care.



Mapping out the training locations and instructor resources was the first step in the training rollout. Attune helped DaVita determine the number of training sites and instructors needed for an efficient, timely process.

Attune’s training involved over 20,000 staff in 1,300 facilities nationwide. Tapping into its vast partner network, Attune identified the optimum training locations and instructors needed for a successful implementation.

“During the discovery phase, we found that DaVita needed more qualified software trainers to meet their aggressive training time-line. We facilitated and managed a train-the-trainer program so that the rollout could be completed on schedule,“ said Bill Taylor, Vice President of Facility Resources, Attune.

Attune contracted and coordinated the effort of securing 110 additional instructors for the training initiative. Attune ensured the trainers were not only proficient in DaVita’s software applications but that they could also convey/represent the company’s cultural climate throughout the training initiative.

The content, resources and technical requirements for an initiative this size was substantial. Attune managed and deployed the distribution of multiple software screen captures needed in 117 facilities; produced and delivered over 6,500 training kits; and ensured the digital labs met the stringent security and network requirements to deliver the training.

DaVita’s training initiative ensued over the next 18 months. Mid-stream, DaVita modified its training model, which called for additional instructors and new locations. Part of the change involved onsite training in their dialysis centers. Attune worked with DaVita to deliver an onsite, chair-side training solution whereby DaVita employees were trained on the dialysis software as it is used in practice.

“Attune has been a good partner in the truest sense of the word. In a project this size, you always have things that go differently than you planned. Attune worked with us to make sure we quickly resolved issues. They were as committed as we were. We could not have successfully integrated the two companies without them,” says Harlan Cleaver, Chief Information Officer, DaVita.



  • Successful 18-month training rollout of 20,000 staff in 1,300 facilities nationwide
  • Sourced and facilitated a train-the-trainer program to accommodate the training of 110 additional
    instructors for training rollout
  • Deployed multiple software captures and 6,600 training kits to 117 training facilities
  • Accommodated for need of additional instructors and locations for change in training model and deployment
  • Developed onsite training solution to ensure a well-coordinated training experience for staff

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