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A leading global computer and network security company approached Attune for a cloud-based lab solution to simplify the setup and delivery of its worldwide training program. By implementing an Attune's cloud-based training lab, they were able to:

  • Simplify training administration
  • Realize considerable cost savings
  • Improve access to their training
  • Expand their training program
  • Increase training profits
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Provide a safe sandbox where participants could learn by making mistakes



A major network security company with an expansive global training program partnered with Attune to deliver their technical training. The company offers a broad range of courses, assessments and certifications on their technology and products—with classes offered throughout the US, Europe and Asia.

The geographic reach of their instructor-led training program involved significant administrative time and resources as well as the necessity to continually set up and dismantle physical training labs for each training.



Attune’s cloud-based Virtual Training Lab provided a more efficient method for delivering technical training. Rather than having to set up software and labs on individual machines and ship them to training locations, the company was able to provide access to their environments through a secure cloud-based system. Labs are set up in the Virtual Training Lab, with required software and systems. They can then be accessed from anywhere in the world, on any computer with an internet connection.

An additional benefit is that learners are able to use the Virtual Training Lab as a safe sandbox. Course participants are able to learn by making mistakes—without creating errors in a production environment. This is especially useful for training on security systems—where mistakes on a live system could result in significant negative consequences.



Since moving their courses to Attune's Virtual Training Lab, the company has seen considerable positive results including:

  • Significantly lower shipping and maintenance costs, since there is no need to ship hardware
  • Dramatic savings on travel expenses, with the ability to offer more training online
  • No firewall issues and less set up time and expense
  • Simplified training administration
  • Opportunities to grow their training program—creating new revenue streams and increasing profit
  • Expanded reach for their training program—leading to increased brand recognition
  • Ability to provide a consistent learning experience for both in-class and remote learners

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