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The DriveWorks team needed to find a venue to host DriveWorks World, their yearly technical training and networking event for customers and resellers. Moving their event to an Attune dedicated meeting and training facility allowed the company to bring new depth and engagement to the attendee experience while reducing their on-site prep time from two full days to just two hours.

Headquartered in the UK, DriveWorks is a software development company that is the recipient of two highly coveted Queen’s Awards for Innovation and International Trade. The organization’s cutting-edge design automation and sales configurator software is used by hundreds of companies across the globe; they are SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner certified and Microsoft Silver certified. Every year, the team hosts DriveWorks World, a training event to educate and connect their global user base.



Previously, the company had hosted its DriveWorks World event at various hotels in major U.S. metropolitan areas. The execution was a major undertaking for the entire DriveWorks team, especially when it came to the technology needed for presentations and training sessions. It required substantial planning and preparation to haul, ship, or rent projectors and other necessary equipment.

Because DriveWorks World is a client-facing event, it was imperative that the team create an immersive experience for delegates. Feedback from previous events revealed that attendees wanted more hands-on sessions—something difficult to achieve in hotel conference centers, which are not equipped with the necessary technology.

DriveWorks VP and Co-Founder Maria Sarkar said, “I knew for our next event I didn’t want to be in a convention hall with the typical dark swirly carpet and banquet chairs. It was really important for us to find somewhere that could provide power to each desk and free high-speed internet access for all delegates.”

DriveWorks is a world leader in cutting-edge technology, but the hotel setting stood in stark contrast to the company’s modern and innovative brand. In previous venues, DriveWorks also had mandatory commitments for lodging and catering. The costly minimums for these requirements meant diverting capital that could otherwise be spent on creating more value for delegates in the form of training resources, technology, and networking opportunities.


DriveWorks needed a venue that would allow the company to expand attendance and more easily conduct technical learning and collaboration sessions. The event also needed to be easily accessible to delegates traveling from all over the world. With these needs in mind, the company turned to Attune to host their event.

Attune’s Chicago center offered a convenient location, fully-loaded training and meeting spaces with presentation tools, technology, and a dedicated end-to-end event management team. This allowed DriveWorks to streamline execution while creating an immersive, week-long experience that made delegates feel like they were in a space built specifically for them. 
With complete control of the entire facility, the team was also able to host larger group discussions and breakout sessions in the open lounge areas and café spaces, creating great networking opportunities throughout.

Between sessions, delegates refueled on an unlimited stream of snacks while taking in the incredible scenic views of the Chicago skyline. Attune Chicago’s dedicated on-site team ensured that delegates always had what they needed, going above and beyond to meet everyone’s needs.

With such a central location, guests had many options for lodging that suited their needs and budget. Freedom from additional contracts also allowed the DriveWorks team to host after-hours networking meetings and meals at nearby restaurants and unique establishments in the area.


Hosting their event at an Attune meeting and training center created the technical and knowledge sharing experience that DriveWorks was looking for. The company booked Attune’s entire Chicago facility for their event, which gave them the control, flexibility and privacy they needed for a successful event. When attendees arrived on the first day of the five-day event, they walked into a professional facility overlooking Chicago’s iconic downtown cityscape. The facility was branded with collateral, signs, banners, and digital displays, immersing attendees in a complete DriveWorks World experience.

Setup and preparations were taken care of ahead of time by the dedicated, on-site MiroTek support team. When it was time for a session, presenters simply went into a room, plugged in their laptops, and were able to start their session immediately. Spending less time on setup allowed the DriveWorks team to focus on presenting and building relationships with delegates.

Delegates were also able to connect their own laptops to the desktop workstations, meeting DriveWorks’ need for hands-on technical training and making it easy to adhere to the timings and schedule throughout the event.

Having delegates in a dedicated space combined with the ability to arrange the classrooms in various configurations, enhanced the collaborative atmosphere and learning. Over the course of the week, the team gave 107 presentations. The ability to have multiple rooms running at the same time allowed DriveWorks to host technical training, certification courses, presentations, and collaboration sessions for 185 delegates, offering a total of 2,515 individual sessions over the 5 days. Delegates were able to manage their own agendas and build an event tailored to their unique preferences and learning needs.

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