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A global real estate operating company approached Attune to assist with an eight-month long training delivery rollout to 800 employees on a vital software application for its business. The Company provides integrated services for commercial property investment strategies, with 3,000 employees and $285 million in total property assets under management. With multiple classes per learner needed, the solution required a deployment of custom registration and course completion tracking.



The Company needed to train 800 employees in six locations across North America. This enterprise-wide training program included seven different classes on Yardi, a property management and asset management software that was essential to its daily business. Each classroom would have to host no more than thirty learners per class and sessions would be daylong, requiring training venues to provide beverages, snacks and catered meals.
The highly technical training needed to take place in dedicated training facilities with a secure network environment, high bandwidth and PC labs. Online registration and tracking of learner sign-ups, cancellations and completions would require a custom solution.



The Attune team rapidly secured premier training spaces in Toronto, Houston, Washington D.C., Calgary, Los Angeles and New York that met the requirements of the Company’s software training program. Attune’s experienced Meeting Services team then created a custom online registration portal that allowed learners to submit real-time class registration, completion and cancellation, and that managed waiting lists for classes. It also featured a filtering function that would display to learners only their required classes and at the training location in their area. If a learner completed, cancelled or didn’t attend a required class, that information could be reported directly to the Company management for evaluation and follow up. Attune managed logistical details that were communicated directly to learners, such as recommendations for partner hotels at a discounted rate and the sharing of course materials, class times and directions to the training location. 



  • The Company successfully trained over 800 employees on the Yardi software over an eight-month period, allowing a seamless transition without disruption to productivity
  • Through the efficiency and ease-of-use of Attune’s custom-built registration and tracking application, the Company experienced a simplified, organized and seamless training program implementation that allowed their team to focus on core objectives
  • Attune’s all-inclusive training room rental package delivered a high quality training environment at a competitive rate featuring world-class amenities that resulted in increased worker productivity and morale during training
  • Attune’s PC labs and onsite tech support, coupled with consistent internet bandwidth in classrooms, presented an ideal learning environment for a technical training
  • Because classes were held at Attune locations and fully managed by the Attune team, the Company enjoyed a consistent, hands-on, quality learning experience across all geographic locations
  • Cost-savings and budget control came from holding classes near the Company’s satellite offices, reducing the need for travel and limiting time out of office
  • By booking out-of-town learners into Attune partner hotels at a discounted rate the Company saw a cost savings and convenience for learners
  • Registration system for tracking allowed ease of sign-up, automated reminders and real-time reporting for the Company

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