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Attune's Commitment to Client Support During Coronavirus Outbreak

At Attune, we take seriously the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization's warnings about the Coronavirus, which has affected millions of people across the globe. We have reached out to our clients directly impacted by this epidemic and have offered our Virtual Attendance service, free of charge, for March 2020 events.

The growing epidemic brings to light just how important video communications and virtual technologies are to the meeting and training industries. While event planners and training program managers are trying to maintain business continuity and keep both employees and clients safe, virtual attendance technology is a very viable way to keep events running while putting everyone's mind at ease in the process.


Virtual Attendance in Affected Areas

As Coronavirus continues to raise concerns about travel and large gatherings, many people are staying home as a way to avoid potential exposure. Large companies are mandating virtual meetings, remote work schedules, and are canceling meetings to keep employees away from possible exposure. For those responsible for meeting planning and training coordination, this can have a devastating impact.

We want you to know that you do have alternatives to keep your meeting and training schedules running while keeping clients, partners, and employees safe.

Attune's Virtual Solutions

Attune offers two virtual solutions that facilitate remote participation in meetings and trainings.

Our Virtual Attendance platform allows two-way participation of remote attendees in meetings and learning events as if they were physically in the room. Attune currently offers 30 virtual event origination sites, offering clients the ability to host local attendees and then include up to 90 remote participants to their event. With Attune Virtual Attendance participants can:

  • See and hear everything happening as if they were attending in person
  • Raise their hands and ask questions
  • Interact with in-room participants and presenters
  • View videos, whiteboard notes, and presentations
  • Huddle in remote break-out rooms for small group discussions

Virtual Training Lab is another convenient remote training solution that Attune offers. It allows companies to host hands-on, computer-based training, anywhere. This cloud-based platform does not require an origination site—every participant may attend the training from the comfort of their own home or office. Attune’s Virtual Training Lab allows instructors and participants to interact seamlessly, offering instructors an “over-the-shoulder” view and the ability take control of learners’ machines to assist. This create an immersive, rich learning experience that mimics an in-classroom training.

It shouldn't take a global epidemic to bring to light the benefits of video communications and virtual learning technologies. But, we want you to know that you do have options… and Attune is here to help you carry on with business as usual.


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