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36 Creative Uses for Video In Your Meeting or Presentation


In a world where everything around you is vying for your attention, video is king for one simple reason:

Advantages of Using Video in Meeting Presentations

Scientific studies show that there is a direct relationship between perception of movement and attention. In fact, on average, video content gets more than 12,000% more shares on social media than text and image content combined. Video can be just as powerful in a meeting setting. We've compiled a comprehensive list of creative uses for video in your meeting.

These use cases require having at least one screen in your meeting room, so be sure to check out our guide to determining the best display for your collaboration space.

Without any further adieu, let's get started.


Creative Ways to Use Video in Your Meeting or Conference Events


1. Display Real-time Analytics or KPIs

What better way to ensure everyone keeps their eyes on the prize than with a real-time digital display that shows your team’s progress? These numbers could be real-time website traffic, user numbers, or anything other metric your team uses to measure success. Keeping close tabs on your KPIs is crucial to ensuring you hit your goals.

2. Video Demonstration

Sometimes the only way to effectively convey an idea is to show it in action. Show your audience how it’s done!

3. Announcement Video

A pre-recorded announcement video is one of the most effective ways to ensure a consistent message across different locations, audiences, and meeting sessions. Give everyone the same experience, and you know the whole team is on the same page.


4. Livestreaming Product Production

If you’re pitching or showcasing a product, a live feed of the development process can really ground the conversation and demonstrate the scale of your project or operation as a whole.

5. Animated Logo Signage

Looking really hammer home your brand messaging and value proposition? Adding animated digital signage around your internal (or outsourced) venue allows you to bring your event displays to life, draw attendees in, or give them a better understanding of your brand.

6. Funny Video in a Presentation

Humor is a great way to break the ice or build rapport with one's audience. All it takes is a well-placed joke or pop culture reference to make and keep that connection with your viewers.

7. On-Site Walk-through Video

It's incredibly difficult to showcase what it's like to be inside a given room or building. Pictures show what it looks like, but they aren't necessarily great at conveying what it's really like to be in the space. A video walk-through shows proximity of rooms and what it's like to move through the venue, creating a virtual tour-like experience.

8. Cable TV

We’re not saying you need to have cable TV in your meeting room, but having a live cable TV feed in a common or waiting area nearby can allow your team to be in the know when it comes to real-time news developments that can affect what’s being discussed.

9. Animated Video Transitions

Increasing the production value of your presentations is a great way to show clients that you’re committed to investing that little extra effort in your relationship. You don't have to go all-out and build your presentation with Prezi; even PowerPoint has great tools for building impressive animations.

10. Digital Room Signs

If you’ve got a meeting room that’s constantly being used by different groups for different things, implementing a digital room sign tied to a meeting room calendar can be a great way to ensure signage is always up-to-date and everyone knows exactly where they're supposed to be.


11. Concept Video

Create a virtual experience that highlights your topic, idea or future project. A computer rendering of a new architectural project or guest experience is one of the most common applications of this video format.


12. Video Backdrop

Keep attendees engaged in your presentation by incorporating a subtle dynamic movement element into the background of your presentation slides. Just be sure to keep it subtle to avoid distractions.


13. Employee Profiles

A brief video bio for team members not in attendance can be a great way to introduce individual team members. It can give a more personal, information-rich ‘Who Am I’ message.

14. Time-Lapse Video

Time-lapse video is perhaps one of the best ways to demonstrate tangible progress on a project, whether it’s days, weeks, or even just a few hours.

15. Instructional/How-To Video

There’s a reason instructional videos on YouTube are so prominent. Approximately 65% of the world’s population is made up of visual learners. Want to teach someone something? Show them exactly how it’s done.

16. Event Coverage

Video from the field is perhaps one of the most important ways to convey what an experience is like in person. Event coverage can take many forms, from having a live host engaging with attendees, to color commentary over B-roll or a live video feed of the event.


17. Remote Video Conferencing

Can’t get your entire team in one physical location? That's okay! You can still bring them into your collaboration session with a virtual attendance solution.

18. Vlogging Videos

Similar to a testimonial, bringing a vlog-style video into the conversation creates a sense of trust and transparency with the viewer, giving them an inside look into the day-to-day goings on of your organization.

19. Surprise Guest Speaker

What better way to introduce an element of surprise to a meeting or video conferencing event than a surprise guest? Bringing in a higher-level stakeholder or member or your team can show that your organization is willing to go the extra mile to involve key members of your organization in the process.

20. Product Commercial

Customers who view a dedicated product video are 73% more likely to follow through on a purchase. Use a commercial or product video to make sure your sales message is as effective as possible.

21. Wayfinding Signage

From projectors beaming arrows down onto the ground of a convention center lobby to simple TV signage, digital displays allow for different messages and event information to be distributed without cluttering up your meeting venue with additional signage.


22. Virtual Collaboration

While video calling itself can provide a big boost to your business relationships, adding a virtual collaboration element can really take your meeting engagement to the next level.

23. Safety Video

Procedure is the most important thing when it comes to keeping the workplace safe. Utilize a video demonstration of best practices to ensure everyone knows how to operate safely on the job.

24. Movie and TV Clips

Sometimes a scene from Hollywood is the exactly what you need to illustrate the idea you’re trying to convey. Don't hesitate to use these pieces of media if they can really drive home the point you're trying to make.

25. Behind-the-Scenes Video

Show off how things happen when no one is watching. Allowing people to see the method behind your madness is a crucial part of a building a trusting relationship.

26. Review Surveillance Video

Let's take a good hard look at how it went down? How do we prevent this situation in the future? Examine the past and learn from it.


27. Video Recording of a Previous Meeting or Call

An archive of what’s been done before is invaluable when looking to improve your meeting or presentation delivery. Watching a recording can help you identify mistakes or clunky points in your pitch.

28. Screensaver

Any screen, be it a computer, tv, or projector, is an opportunity to deliver information to a user. Why leave a screen black when you can create a branded screensaver or standby screen to reiterate a branding message?

29. Live Photos

Most modern flagship smartphones offer a relatively new feature that captures a second of video before and after the shutter. These videos can be exported as .gif files. Including them in a presentation can bring your message to life.

30. Photo Slideshow

Ah, the good old-fashioned photo slideshow. There’s a reason this presentation format has been a staple in meeting rooms since the dawn of the camera. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Stitch them together in a video with some fancy transitions for a presentation your viewers will never forget.

31. Animated 3D Render

Putting together a digital model of your future product will make it much easier for a prospect to understand what you're trying to make. Depending on the scale of the real-life object, a 3D render can also be an effective way to show off small details or internal functionality that's difficult (or in some cases impossible) to showcase in real life.

32. Video Interview

Hiring someone without meeting them in real life can be an incredibly stressful undertaking, especially when limited to phone communication. Turn your interview into a group meeting so that everyone on the team has a chance to engage with candidates!

33. Live IT Support

As just about any presentation pro will tell you, things don't always go according to plan when it comes to technology. Allowing dedicated IT personnel to remote into your presentation setup and assist via video chat, screensharing, and remote desktop will ensure your meeting never gets too far off track.

34. Live Poll

A poll can be a great way to identify the sentiment in a large meeting session. Tools like Polls Everywhere and Swift allow attendees can text in their responses to a question and see the results reflected on your video screen in real time with animated graphs.


35. 360 Video and Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences

There is no more immersive way to bring your audience inside your vision than a 360-degree experience. With the increasing prevalence of 360-degree cameras and more affordable head-mounted displays, creating content for VR platforms has never been easier. Many of the most popular options also offer screen mirroring, allowing others in the room to see what the user is experiencing too.

36. Pre-recorded Greeting or Introduction

Allowing an organization leader or popular public figure to "prime the pump" for your message can be a great way spark the interest of your audience.

While these uses of video can be an awesome enhancement to your meeting or presentation, it's crucial to remember that video is just that—an enhancement. It should be used sparingly, only where it makes sense, to better articulate your talking points, collateral, and other assets. Poor execution or overuse of video elements can be distracting, overwhelming, or boring if not integrated well into a well-thought-out overall delivery.

Review this list, see what's the best fit for your team, and let us know how it goes! You can find us @AttuneSpaces on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


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