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How to Pick the Right Date (and Day) for a Corporate Training or Meeting Event


Many considerations need to be made when picking a date. No, not that kind of date. We are talking about when is the right date (and time of day, for that matter) to host a corporate event (from a training event to a meeting or even a workshop).

Event planning all agree that the ideal time of year and day of week can vary widely depending on what kind of event you are holding.

One major consideration to make when looking at the calendar is to be aware that events are typically more successful if they are not scheduled immediately before or after holidays—or popular vacation times. It's a recommended best practice for meeting and training planners to make sure that the date you choose doesn’t match other industry events that your participants also may be attending.

For example, an executive off-site meeting or training event should be held during typical work hours during the weekday. Meanwhile, you might want to throw a more social gathering making an announcement holding a celebration meeting in a post-work time frame in the late afternoon or early evening.


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Then there is what day of the week. For obvious reasons, Monday through Friday is when nearly all work-related events are held. And, for logistical and practical reasons, you might want to hold your meeting on a Monday in order to engage participants whose minds are fresh at the start of the week and can then focus on the rest of their week’s activity without distraction.

On the other hand, some meetings are best held mid-week so that participants and presenters can make the necessary preparations beforehand. As the person tasked with selecting the date, you need to think through these needs.

Further, as the event or meeting planner, be sure to ask key stakeholders the right questions about the timing of the meeting before locking in a date with a venue.

Unfortunately, there will be meetings for which you are given a pre-determined time and date and for that part of the meeting planning, there is nothing you can do to change that. In these cases, well, you just have to put your own knowledge and research into use and make the decision that will help you achieve your event goals.


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