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In-House Training Space vs. Outsourced Training Venue


Are you utilizing owned or leased space for a dedicated training center? You may want to consider outsourcing some or all of your training space needs. This infographic illustrates some of the cost savings you might experience by using outsourced training space.

IG - Inhouse vs. Outsourcing [Updated]

Benefits of Using an Outsourced Training Venue

Direct Expense Savings

 -Depending on the amount of training your organization does, utilizing an outsourced training venue could lead to considerable savings on direct expenses such as real estate, IT hardware and infrastructure, utilities and furnishings.

Lower Indirect Expenses

 -For many training organizations, the indirect labor costs of managing in-house training facilities and events can far outstrip direct costs. By working with a training outsourcing partner that provides technical support and simplified planning and scheduling, training organizations can save thousands of dollars.

Your choice of training space can affect more than just the bottom line. Read our post "Why a Training Venue Matters" for more information on the effect that your venue can have on overall training success.

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