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Why Businesses Embrace Cloud-Based Labs for Hands-On Learning


Traditionally, technical training was conducted in a physical computer lab or classroom.This model typically led to successful training results, but could be cumbersome and expensive, with the need to purchase, setup and maintain computer hardware and infrastructure—requiring significant IT time and resources.

As more training organizations faced the need to train a geographically dispersed learning base, the physical computer lab model has also proved difficult to implement on a multi-city or global scale.

Cloud-Based Solution

In recent years, cloud-based learning has changed the face of technical training by offering a flexible, cost-effective alternative to the physical computer lab. 

In a cloud-based lab, one or more virtual machines are set up in the cloud with the necessary operating system(s) and software for the training. These virtual machines can then be accessed by learners anywhere in the world via a reliable internet connection and a secure URL.

Simplified Virtual Training

It's been well-documented that more and more information technology is being stored and worked on in the cloud. With virtual labs, highly complex lab setup is easy. Each learner can simply access the training lab through a secure internet connection.

Because the labs are cloud-based, they allow users to train on virtually any software—regardless of the operating system or computer hardware of their workstation.

Additionally, the virtual training environment makes it possible for learners to access multiple virtual machines in order to train on multiple operating systems and hardware configurations—providing the ability to train on complex systems without significant setup time.

Uses of Cloud-Based Learning Labs

There are many applications for the virtual training environment including:

  • Customer and partner training
  • Employee training
  • Product demos
  • Proof-of-concept
  • High-security environments


For more information on the benefits of virtual cloud learning labs and how to implement them, download our Complete Guide to Training with Cloud-Based Labs.

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