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Etiquette Dos and Dont's for Virtual Learning and Meetings | Infographic


Admit it. You've connected to a meeting virtually via a video conferencing software and have been guilty of not conforming to the same behavior as you would if physically attending the meeting. Playing Words With Friends? Checking email? Searching for cheap flights for a getaway weekend? Applying makeup or cleaning your teeth? (Yep, it happens!) 

It's okay. We've all been there. But when in a professional setting during a meeting or event, this kind of lax behavior doesn't cut it. Your colleagues and supervisors might not know that you are wearing sweatpants under the table, but they will know if you appear engaged and interested in a professional manner during your virtual attendance.

Most of us know how to gauge social behaviors seamlessly from a formal reception, to backyard banter, to presentation styles in the board room.

Consider this trend: By 2016, video conferencing had become the world’s most preferred method of business collaboration. Not email. Not voice calls. Not in-person meetings. 

Moreover, a Polycom study found that 96 percent of business decision-makers think that video conferencing improves productivity between teams in different geographic locations.

So it's clear that virtual meet-ups, virtual training events and virtual meetings are here to stay. But, still, there remains an etiquette gap between the importance of the technology and how users are behaving on the platform.

So as our daily business encounters rely more and more on technological platforms, how do we adjust our video etiquette to be an accurate presentation of our personal business acumen in a virtual setting? 

Whether you are attending meeting, event or hands-on training using Virtual Meeting Room or a cloud-based interactive technology, or some other video-conferencing software, the basic behavioral rules remain the same. 

Virtual Meeting Room Etiquette

Ensure the success of your next virtual meeting by exercising these video conferencing etiquette tips:

Are you guilty of breaching any of these virtual meeting etiquette tips? Are there others that you would add to the list? Tell us on twitter @MicroTekSpaces 

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