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As Corporate Training Spending Rises, So Does Need to Control Budgets


More money, more problems? Not so fast.

Companies can make training more seamless, less stressful and more cost-efficient even while they increase spending on keeping employees and customers trained with the latest information.

Recent studies show that U.S. companies are spending more every year on corporate training, with total training expenditures rising to $93.6 billion in 2017 (up from $70.6 billion the previous year).

With so much investment being put into training objectives, strategic initiatives and increasing learning effectiveness, companies are becoming even more focused on getting the best training results and the best value. This business reality may help explain why 53 percent of enterprises outsource either all or at least a portion of their training.


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But this increased spending trend begs several key questions: What are the real strategic business advantages of outsourcing training planning and delivery and how can it help achieve your training goals? And how can a business that uses Managed Services for training delivery reduce costs and improve performance? Where can a business go to get the help and support they need to execute a successful training project implementation? What kind of training technology and virtual learning tools are most effective? 

MicroTek has published a study examining these and other vital questions for training industry professionals. This white paper examines the strategic value companies can gain from utilizing outsourced training resources, services and solutions for the delivery of training programs with the latest in training technology and hands-on learning tools, while also suggesting some best practices when outsourcing common corporate training activities.

This exclusive study commissioned by MicroTek also identifies some of the unique challenges companies are facing today relating to training delivery, the cost of training and the solutions they are employing to overcome these obstacles to achieve a seamless, cost-effective training delivery experience.

Download your copy of "Transforming Corporate Training Execution" to transform your training delivery and cut costs now.

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