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Achieve Business Training Program Perfection in 11 Steps


Your boss has tasked you with creating a training program. 

Are you suddenly paralyzed with fear that you have no idea even where to start? Don't worry! We have just the free resource for you.

In order to ensure the success of your corporate training program, you will have to first develop a comprehensive training program plan. This will be your road map project implementation success. By documenting your objectives and how you are going to achieve them, you are more likely to achieve your overall goals.

To help you pull of the best training program you can, we have created our complimentary 11-Step Training Program Planning Worksheet (Download Your Worksheet)

Training Program Planning Worksheet Keys

As you work through the planning process, here are some of the considerations to keep in mind.


Your Training Program Goals and Objectives:

Any good plan begins with an understanding of what you want to accomplish. By documenting your goals and objectives, you are more likely to reach that target, and be more effective in planning the steps required to get there. Focus on strategic, measurable objectives that create business impact to keep your training program relevant.


Who Needs to be Trained:

In order to create the rest of your training plan, you need to know who you’re training. Are you training internal employees or external customers or partners? How many people are you training and where are they located. The more you know about your learners’ background and existing knowledge, the easier it will be to determine how to best train them.


When Your Training Event Needs to Happen:

It’s important to know how quickly you need to implement your plan. Are there outside deadlines dictating the pace of your program? How long will your training last? Does the training need to happen all at once, or does it make sense to phase the program?


Your Type of Course Content:

You want to plan for what you will be teaching your trainees. Where will this content come from? Are you going to use off-the-shelf material or adapt existing content? Will you need to develop new course content and if so, who will develop it?


Where Your Training Will Take Place:

You should document where the training will take place. The space you need will be based on the needs of your curriculum as well as the number and location of your learners. Do you have an internal space or will you need to source a training venue? Would you benefit from a hybrid/virtual solution? Consider not only economics but also the learning environment and how it will affect the results of your training.


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What Technology You'll Need to Conduct Your Training:

Technology can play a significant role in training. Make sure you plan for it in your program. Will you need computers, or will participants bring their own? Do you have specific software or hardware requirements? Will your training program require significant bandwidth? Do you need video conferencing equipment? Would your training benefit from the use of a cloud-based lab?

Who Will Teach Your Training:

Effective, engaging instructors play a crucial role in the success of your training program. Be sure to include details on your instructor utilization and preparation in your training plan. Who will serve as instructors? Do you have an internal staff or will you need to bring in outside help? Will you need to include a train-the-trainer component in your program?

How You Will Measure Success of Your Training Program:

What metrics will be used to determine the success of your program? How will you measure this and what resources will you need for measurement/reporting?

How You Will Market Your Training:

Whether you’re promoting your training program to internal employees, channel partners or customers, you may need to market your program to make it more widely visible and accepted. What steps will you take to market your training program? What resources will you need to do this?

Your Training Program Budget:

No plan would be complete without an accurate budget. Does your training budget include only direct costs such as invoiceable expenses, or do you need to consider indirect costs such as employee time and salaries? Is your training program a profit center that will also be bringing in money? Be consistent and clear in your assumptions.

Who Must Sign Off on Your Training Program:

You’ve created this great plan, now what do you need to do to move it forward? Who needs to approve your plan? How will you move forward to implement the plan?

Want more detail on how to create your plan? We’ve created the Complete Training Program Planning Guide to help provide more guidance. You can download this comprehensive guide today for valuable tools and tips to make your next training program a success.

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