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Why a Training Venue Matters - What Does Your Choice of Training Space Mean?


training space is more than just a room with computers. It’s a place where new skills and ideas are born, ultimately translating to higher productivity and a competitive advantage for organizations. It goes without saying—but, where you hold your employee training sets the tone for the event and can make the difference between success and failure. Choosing a training venue that is designed for training demonstrates your commitment to learners, the organization and learning outcomes.


Dedicated Training Space Shows Commitment to Employees

The location creates a powerful first impression and an assumption of the value of your training event by communicating the expectations and importance of the event to learners. When employees hear that their training will take place in the conference room down the hall, they assume a casual approach to the event. They know they will never be far from the “real” work they have to do.

On the other hand, when you hold corporate training offsite, you immediately communicate to learners that this training is important. It creates a sense of occasion, allows a fresh and collaborative atmosphere and demonstrates to everyone involved that the training is of value to the organization. In turn, employees are more focused and treat course content with greater respect.


Quality Training Venue Demonstrates Commitment to the Organization

Your choice of venue also reflects your commitment to the organization. Conducting training onsite can strain the resources of an organization, from occupying space for days at a time to overloading the technical resources and personnel of the company. By outsourcing to a venue designed to accommodate them, you demonstrate a respect for the core business functions of the organization. The venue also sets the expectations for instructors and the training team. Setting a high standard with a quality venue echoes through every other element of the training session.


INFOGRAPHIC: The Costs of In-House Training Vs. Outsourcing


The Right Training Space Shows Commitment to Learning

There are notable differences in learning outcomes from onsite and offsite training. Highlighting the differences between offsite and onsite learning in a Training Magazine article, Michael Molinaro, VP and CLO at New York Life Insurance Company, says, “Being physically in the office can make it difficult to mentally break from work. Going offsite allows participants to both physically and mentally separate from the work environment and understand that they’re putting that time aside.”

An employee with a high work ethic will often translate to a learner who is too distracted by work. Enabling employees to disconnect from the office will allow them to connect with the training and learning necessary to better their job performance. The first step in promoting this atmosphere of attentiveness and study is selecting a venue that reinforces it.

Offsite training venues are designed for the purpose of reinforcing learning behaviors. They are designated learning spaces with training tools (projectors, whiteboards, flipcharts, etc.) already in place. They provide break areas for reflection and replenishment. They have onsite staff to assist with technical and event support. To demonstrate a full commitment to your learning outcomes, it only makes sense to select a venue designed for maximizing those outcomes.

A training venue is the starting point for any training, establishing a tone and communicating the importance of the training to everyone involved. Selecting a venue outside the four walls of your organization communicates loud and clear to your employees and your organization that you are fully committed to the learning outcomes you seek to achieve.\


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