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How to Choose a Cloud-Based Lab Provider (Infographic)


In recent years, cloud-based virtual training labs have changed the face of technical training by offering a flexible, cost-effective alternative to the physical computer lab. By simplifying the delivery of complex and highly sophisticated technical labs and application training, Virtual Training Labs provide the learning benefits of hands-on training with the convenience and scalability of cloud-based access.

Choosing A Cloud-Based Lab Provider

Not all cloud-based training lab providers are created equal. So how do you choose? While most offer similar platform feature sets, you want to ensure proper support pre-, during, and post-event without hidden or a la carte costs. For the best experience for you and your learners, look for a lab provider that meets your most critical requirements. Use this checklist to ensure the cloud-based lab provider does the following:

Checklist - Choosing a Cloud-Based Lab Provider.png

Want more information on how virtual labs can be used in your training? Download our Complete Guide to Training with Virtual Labs.


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