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How to Market Virtual Training for a Successful Hybrid Learning Program


You’ve decided to introduce Virtual Training Room to your learning program. Great! So how do you get trainers and participants on board? Whether you’re promoting your Virtual Training Room to internal employees, channel partners or customers, there are strategies to make your program more widely visible and accepted.

Communicate the Benefits of Hybrid Learning

As you plan for how to market virtual training, be sure to communicate the benefits of the learning approach compared to either live or on-demand training. That’s right, you may need to “make the case” for why someone would want to take a virtual training course. Some may be wary of change, particularly if this virtual component is new to your training program. Consider creating a wiki page, email, or short FAQ that highlights the benefits of this virtual learning environment, such as:

  • A more enriched learning experience
  • Ability to experience the live classroom in the comfort of their own environment
  • Ability to see and interact with fellow participants and the instructor

Cite industry research and other resources to get your audience excited about training in this environment and the value they’ll get from participating.

As you conduct your hybrid classes, be sure to survey your participants on their experience. Use these as testimonials in your email communications, on your website, and in course materials to help add credibility to the power and value of the learning model. When sending updates about upcoming courses and new training content, always mention the option to take the class virtually and provide a link to your wiki, FAQ page, or other content that provides more information on your virtual learning program.

WATCH: Virtual Training/Meeting Room from a User and Leader Perspective


Engage Hybrid Learning Evangelists

Research shows that people are influenced most by peers that they trust, so finding champions is critical to marketing virtual training. Create a blog or develop articles that contain tips for making the most of a virtual learning experience.

Want to know more about how to market your hybrid learning? We've created a comprehensive kit that includes resources and ideas for Marketing Your Virtual Training Room. Inside the kit you will find tools like a marketing checklist, sample emails and post-event surveys.

For more on how to market your Virtual Training Room to students and instructors, download the full kit for Marketing Your Virtual Training Room!



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