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Video Conferencing for Training and Work: Has It Changed Your Workplace?


The concept has been around for quite some time, fictionalized in classics such as Star Trek and The Jetsons. Video conferencing is a technology that allows people from multiple locations to interact as if they were in the same room. With the advent of applications such as Skype or Google Hangouts, video conferencing made its way into our personal communications. Many businesses are also now embracing the technology with platforms such as Attune’s Virtual Training Room.

This technology has subtly—but powerfully—altered the path of corporate America, transforming how we communicate in the workplace in irreversible ways.

Distance is Non-Existent

Less than 100 years ago, if you were on the East Coast and wanted to contact someone on the West Coast, you would write them a letter or, if it were an emergency, send a telegram. Today, you can sit with them face-to-face and communicate with almost all the complexities of normal communication, including body language, posture, apparel choices, and even eye contact.

A Brand of Virtual Manners

Success in today’s business world requires not only good interpersonal skills but good video conference skills as well. A businessperson must master a whole new set of skills in order to appear approachable and capable on video calls. Becoming comfortable and effective in a virtual conferencing environment can be daunting. Luckily, there are a wide range of resources ranging from blog posts to training sessions that have been created to improve interpersonal video skills.

New Skills Taught in New Ways

Not only are new skills required by the advent of video conferencing, but the methods of teaching them are radically changed as well. Learners are now connecting instantaneously to training sessions hundreds of miles away. Companies are learning that the utilization of technology can often produce effective and interactive training for less cost. Here is an example of a training technology that has taken specially-designed virtual conferencing technology and applied it to training with a hybrid learning environment:

 WATCH: Virtual Training/Meeting Room from a User and Leader Perspective

Speed is of the Essence

The instantaneousness of video conferencing, as well as other communication technologies, has helped change the pace of the whole business world. It’s possible—and commonplace—to plan a meeting with people on opposite coasts with little notice. Colleagues are able to instantly share their work and discuss over video conferencing, rather than waiting for faxes or e-mails.

The Virtualized Office Space

The video conference has transformed the way colleagues interact and develop relationships. You can get to know a coworker—their work style, the tone of their voice, specific mannerisms that emphasize their personality—without ever being in the same room. While most companies still locate their employees in one place, today that is more out of tradition and accountability than necessity. As virtual conferencing has infiltrated the corporate world, satellite employees and telecommuters are no longer isolated, but truly an integral part of the team. 

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