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Why You Should Provide Customer Training

Why-You -Should-Provide-Customer-Training

Do you provide training to customers? A research study from the Brandon Hall Group indicates that 54 percent of organizations are now doing some form of training to business partners or customers. If you’re not currently training customers or partners, perhaps you might want to consider doing so.

How Can Customer Training Benefit Your Organization

1. More Efficient Customer Onboarding:

 When you educate your customers on products, you reap the benefits of trimming the time or cost to launch those products and reduce dependence on help desks. Onboarding can also serve as a valuable marketing activity, increasing and building brand awareness and providing an opportunity to cross-sell or up-sell products and services.

2. Improve Customer Relationships:

Providing training demonstrates to customers that you care about their success and experience with your products or services. Customers are more likely to have a positive impression of your company if they are comfortable with and regularly use your product, which is more likely for customers who have been properly trained.

3. Decreased Churn Rate:

 It is far more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. When customers have invested time learning your product are more likely to stick with you and become brand loyal.

4. Opportunity for Consumer Research:

 Training can provide valuable insight into how your customers use your products and services. By monitoring training registration, course participation, and customer success, you can gauge which features may be difficult for customers to understand or aren’t as useful. You can use this knowledge to improve your product as well as customer experience.

5. Increased Referrals:

 Let your existing customers be your best marketing tool. People are much more likely to make a purchase if they are referred by someone they trust. Training can help you build a community of local advocates and ambassadors. These well-trained brand champions are more likely to recommend your product to colleagues and continue to use the product as they move from company to company—greatly expanding your reach.

6. Additional Revenue Stream:

 Customer training can provide a valuable revenue stream either as a way to offset training costs or as a full-fledged profit center. By creating a revenue stream, learning and development teams are also able to provide a direct, measurable business benefit to their training programs—beyond learning results.

7. Increased Brand Recognition:

 Incorporating a certification program into your training not only provides an incentive for customers to take your training, it can provide increased brand recognition and exposure. As customers complete your certification program, they are more likely to display digital badges on their sites or email signatures—improving your brand’s reach.

8. Decreased Support Costs:

 Answering the same questions over and over again wastes time and money. Work with your customer support department to develop content that addresses key problem areas—allowing you to educate customers at scale. This can help you to reduce the number of incoming support requests and costs as well as improve the customer experience.

9. Expanded Customer Purchases:

 Effective training drives continuous use and increases the lifetime value of a customer. Customers who fully understand and regularly use your products are more likely to purchase additional products and services.

10. Reduced Training Costs:

 If you provide similar training to employees and customers, you can potentially repurpose existing content as well as benefit from discounts available for larger-scale training programs. Training rooms, instructors and training material production may all be available for lower prices based on volume.

Are you ready to begin a customer training program? Download our Complete Training Program Planning Guide to get started.

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