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Reconsidering Your Onsite Learning Center? 6 Reasons to Use an Outside Training Venue


Does your training department use an owned or leased corporate learning center or dedicated training space? Could this valuable real estate be better utilized for core business activities rather than saving it for the occasional training event?

If your company’s real estate expenses include corporate training facilities, you may want to consider the use of outside training venues. Here are six of the most compelling reasons to outsource your training space.

Outside Training Venues Provide Scalability

Using an outside training venue allows you to quickly scale up or down to meet fluctuating training needs. You don’t have to worry about being burdened with expensive space in an economic downturn. Conversely, you can easily grow your training program should you need to expand.

Outsourcing Means No Long-Term Investments 

Outside training facilities provide the flexibility of pay-as-you-go, so you are not financially tied down by multi-year leases or commercial mortgage payments. You can free up capital to invest in ways that add value to your people and training rather than in real estate.

Outside Training Facilities Provide Flexibility

With outside training facility providers, you have the flexibility to provide training where you need it. Rather than having to bring learners to your permanent training facilities, you can provide a global training footprint with lowered travel expenses. Additionally, your training space can flex depending on the size of your classes as well as the classroom configuration that works best with your material.

What does your choice of training venue tell your learners? Read our post, "Why a Training Venue Matters".

Lower Technology Costs by Outsourcing Training Venues

Outside training locations allow you to take advantage of the latest computers and training technology without the cost of purchasing, maintaining and supporting them. You also benefit from the technical support provided by the outside training provider, rather than burdening your IT staff and budget.

Use Outside Training Venues to Avoid Paying for Unused Space

Many businesses are not delivering training every day, leading to potentially unused space. This unused space is still costing significant money in occupancy costs. Rather than paying for something you’re not using, consider using an offsite facility.

Real estate is a considerable cost of doing business—often the second-largest expense on the income statement–right behind labor. Would your company benefit from utilizing an outside training venue and freeing up some of your valuable real estate?

Check out our infographic that illustrates the difference between on-site or outsourced training venues.

Download In-House vs. Outsourced Training Facilities Infographic CTA

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