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The Case for Training Outsourcing


Where would Sherlock be without Watson, Lewis be without Clark, or Hansel be without Gretel? Partnerships provide for more than just good company on adventures, but much-needed support in day-to-day business. The best partners will not just replicate your strengths, but compensate for your weaknesses.

We recognize the need for these partners in business, relationships, sports, and even games. So why do so many people insist on going it alone when it comes to providing training? Maybe a partner isn’t your go-to thought when it comes to training your employees, but it should be. You would be surprised at how valuable a training partnership really could be.

Onsite Training is Going It Alone

One of the most common reason for hosting training onsite—is cost. On the surface, it may seem to make more sense to take your training offsite when you have an empty room just down the hall. Unfortunately, that’s where many stop calculating costs. They don’t factor in the expense of their own time and resources to deliver the training.


VIEW: Our infographic comparing the costs of in-house vs. outsourced training facilities.


Who will be arranging the room, setting up computers, organizing refreshments or providing food for your participants? What happens when something goes wrong with the technology in the middle of training? Who stays after to make sure the room in cleaned and ready for the next day? When it comes down to it, does the cost efficiency of onsite training justify the expense of time spent?

The decision to conduct training onsite means taking on the full responsibility of the program yourself. Anyone who has ever managed a training event can testify to the time commitment involved. How much is that lost productivity worth to you—does your cost comparison reflect that?

There is a better way to provide training to your employees that doesn’t sacrifice your valuable time. You can work with a training delivery partner with outside training venues.

Training Delivery Partner

Training outsourcing is more than just renting a room—it’s entering into a strategic partnership with an expert who is equipped and skilled to manage the entire learning experience. This partner is the extra pair of hands you need to handle the scheduling, logistics, room set up, catering and technical support you need for a seamless event. Companies like MicroTek do this for their customers every day. We are experts in it and can anticipate your needs.

While you may be fully capable of coordinating all of the details of your training event yourself, you cannot beat having a team of specialists on hand to help you pull off a spectacular learning event.

Comparison: In-House vs. Outsourcing

You might have an open training space in your building, but how close is it to learners’ workspaces? If the training is held onsite, participants may be tempted to sneak back to their desks to answer emails or try to get some other work done. An offsite training space provides an environment to maximize the training experience for learners. Learners can be fully immersed in the training and free from the daily distractions of their familiar work environment.


During a training event, a steady stream of snacks is necessary to keep learners alert. Onsite, it may be difficult to offer a variety of snacks, beverages and catering near your training space. You could organize your own catering, but handling the details, organization, set up and clean up can eat into your planning time.

Food plays an effective roll in learning. That’s why MicroTek provides snacks and beverages for all of our training guests. We organize all of the lunch options, set up and clean up of all catered lunches too.


All it takes is one technical snafu to derail an entire learning event. While you may have technical support staff onsite, chances are, they are not waiting for your call to help troubleshoot your computer issues. When you work with an outsourcing training partner, you don’t have to worry about technical issues, when they arise. They ensure customers have all the necessary software installed and ready to go on computers, have enough bandwidth to run the training and are available should you have any issues during the training session.

Personal Consultant:

Who do you consult to help make your training programs better? If you’re doing the training in-house, you may be relying on staff or others that may know about program development but are not experts in delivery. An outsourced training provider can help you create leaner, more productive, cost-effective and expansive training programs through innovative delivery options. They help clients reduce cancellations, expand the reach of their training program, source instructors, and improve training programs with virtual solutions.

At the end of the day, you have two options when it comes to training.

You can train onsite, taking the full burden of planning and executing the training event on yourself, providing a training experience that may be “adequate” but will wind up costing you much more in lost productivity and extra resources. Why spend your time worrying about the facilities, technical specifications, and support, logistics, catering, set up and clean up, when you can work with an outsourced training partner that can cover all of those details to help you deliver a successful learning event.

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