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Hybrid Learning Best Practices - Part Three: Five Tips to Keep Learners from Tuning Out


Many training organizations have found themselves caught between wanting the outstanding learning outcomes of instructor-led training and the convenience of virtual learning. Hybrid learning provides the best of both worlds.

WATCH: Virtual Training/Meeting Room from a User and Leader Perspective

Utilizing the latest in teleconferencing technology, the hybrid learning environment combines instructor-led training in a traditional classroom with virtual learning. Instructors are able to deliver an equal learning experience to both classroom and remote learners.

In order to create this equal learning environment, there are several hybrid learning best practices to ensure that virtual learners remain engaged and involved in the classroom. This infographic discusses five tips to keep learners from tuning out.

Tips to Keep Learners Engaged in Hybrid Learning

Utilizing a hybrid learning platform like MicroTek’s Virtual Training Room allows training organizations to benefit from the superior learning environment of instructor-led training as well as the convenience and cost savings of virtual learning. Following these simple strategies for keeping your virtual participants engaged leads to a more interactive hybrid learning environment and better learning outcomes.

In the next installment, we will look at preparing your content for delivery in a hybrid learning environment.

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