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Changing the Face of Training Outsourcing


Traditionally, training outsourcing providers have provided training services to companies by focusing on offering single-point solutions for training delivery—content development, virtual learning tools, training facilitation, project management, scheduling, etc. While there have been strategic benefits to both the training provider and buyer, it hasn’t necessarily led to an enhanced learning experience.

Use Training as a Service to Improve the Learning Experience and Increase Training Efficiencies

The advent of Training as a Service (TaaS) is changing that. TaaS is a relatively new concept in the business process outsourcing training model and is a solution-based, flexible program of learning solutions. TaaS allows customers to optimize their training programs with usage-based scalability of new and evolving training solutions. This leads to a better learning experience as well as more training efficiencies.

Successful TaaS begins with managing a customer’s learning program through a single point of contact with a simple focus on problem resolution. The TaaS provider can then provide a solution-based selection of training delivery functions, classrooms, virtual training components, hybrid learning design and integration, cloud-based scheduling and registration functions. Additional offerings may include versatile supplemental instructional resources such as content developed for blended delivery into synchronous and asynchronous learning environments. This agile approach can mold and flex with a customer’s needs and can easily be customized, expanded, contracted and branded.

To determine if your organization could benefit from TaaS, ask yourself the following questions:

Is training your core competency?

The benefit of leveraging TaaS for an organization whose core competency isn’t training is twofold – your internal resources are able to focus on their strengths and core activities while your learners benefit from the training expertise of the TaaS provider.

Do you require flexibility in your training?

TaaS is by definition an extremely flexible program of learning solutions. Companies and suppliers are able to focus on components that provide the most successful training experience. The modular aspect of TaaS allows a company to leverage the technology and delivery mechanisms that maximize knowledge transfer.

Is time-to-market a consideration in developing your training?

TaaS is an efficient, solution-based service that responds to and resolves problems quicker than traditional training outsourcing. By focusing on speed of delivery of new training and management of the learning experience, TaaS achieves both long and short term training goals. Additionally, flexible, hybrid learning models can drive speed and support scalability.

Ultimately, TaaS embraces the just-in-time, just-enough, just-for-me training world that benefits both the learner and your organization—and it’s already changing the face of the traditional training outsourcing market.

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