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Bringing High Touch Back to Business Relationships with Video


The customers and partners that we invite into our “virtual office” are usually quite impressed with the capability—so much so, that they ask how they can leverage the technology in their own business. Since we get this comment so often, we thought you might find value in an article on how video really can nurture business relationships.

If you primarily use voice conferencing as a way to meet, you are really missing out on the benefits that video brings to get work done and build relationships with your teams, customers and partners. Aside from the inherent cost savings, video offers a high-touch to meetings that is unmatched by any other mode of communication (except in-person meetings).

According to the research of Dr. Albert Mehrabian, author of Silent Messages, communication is only 7 percent verbal and 93% non-verbal. The non-verbal communication components are made up of body language (55%) and tone of voice (38%). Did you ever get an email from someone and question the “tone” or meaning of the message? According to this same study, 43% of people reported email as a main cause of confusion in the workplace. And it stands to reason—the written word doesn’t give any non-verbal cues!

Good Business is About Relationships and Maintaining Personal Connections

A picture may be worth a thousand words… but a video is worth 10,000. If you want to truly build your business relationships, your meeting participants need to see your facial expressions and body language. Equally, you need to be aware of and respond to their non-verbal cues. Video conferencing keeps people accountable to the conversation and engaged. Video keeps people honest and attentive—they can’t multitask or hide behind the “mute” button. Gone are the awkward silences, talking over one another and guesswork about what others might be doing or “not” doing.


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