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Training Industry News and Insights

12 Meeting Room Essentials That Will Make or Break Your Collab Session

What should you look for in a perfect meeting room? This checklist of 12 meeting room essentials will make or break your collaboration session.

The Not-So-Tiny Corporate Event Planning Details You're Forgetting

No matter how much planning goes into an event, there are always tiny details that even the best of us forget about. Some things just fall outside the standard checklist. Make sure you're not overlooking these tiny details that could spoil an otherwise perfect event execution.

3 Secrets To Keeping Your Training Audience Engaged

It’s not an easy thing to get up in front of a group of people and keep them engaged for hours at a time. Maximize your corporate training by building a connection with your audience, maintaining engagement, and ensuring your audience can properly retain the information.

Why to Avoid Booking a Hotel for Your Next Meeting or Training Event

Hotels are often the first venue to come to mind when booking an event. You can book meeting or training space in a hotel just about anywhere. However, doing so could end up making your event planning experience more difficult and costly.