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Meeting and Training Industry Insights

Hybrid vs. Blended Learning: What's the Difference?

The two terms are often (incorrectly) used interchangeably. Though both instruction methods have instructor-led and online elements, hybrid learning and blended learning have substantially different benefits and result in unique student experiences.

Virtual Etiquette for Meetings & Trainings | Etiquette 101

When participating or hosting a virtual meeting or training, be sure to avoid committing any etiquette faux paws. Learn more from Attune!

Designing Virtual Training with Participant Engagement in Mind

When designing a virtual training, always keep in mind participant engagement. Follow these tips from Attune for virtual training success!

Hybrid Learning in 2020 – Accelerating the Technological Renaissance

Recent events have expedited a shift towards hybrid learning. Learn how hybrid learning is evolving in 2020 from Attune!

Leveraging Video Meetings to Improve Business Relations

Incorporating video meetings into your business’s daily communication improves the engagement and effectiveness of meetings. Learn more from Attune!

Maintaining Focus During Corporate Virtual Training & Meetings

Participating in a virtual training or meeting can make for easy distractions. Learn how participants and hosts can stay focused during virtual events!