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MicroTek is now Attune


A Message From Attune CEO, Don Slivensky


MicroTek History

MicroTek has enjoyed a rich history of providing premier venues and managed services to the training and meeting industries. And while the excellence we provide to our current clients will never cease, we believe the shift to Attune provides an opportunity for us to better represent who we have become and to create a new energy behind our ability to connect people and spaces together for powerful experiences.

With updated messaging, a redesigned website, and a new brand, we believe we have built a foundation for continued growth and success


verb: attune; 3rd person present: attunes; past tense: attuned; past participle: attuned; gerund or present participle: attuning

1. make receptive or more aware

The word Attune means “to make aware or responsive to changing trends.” Since our founding in 1991, our client base and services have evolved.  Our new name reflects our broader focus and marks a renewed commitment to our clients’ success.

For the entire MicroTek family, this is a tremendous opportunity. While our team remains intact, our vision going forward is to expand our reach to new markets, while continuing to provide our clients with exceptional meeting and training spaces, unparalleled service, support, and convenience.

I’m excited. Our future looks very bright.

Welcome to Attune.

Rebrand FAQ

As a valued client, partner, and vendor, we would like to introduce you to our new identity—Attune.

Our new brand brings a fresh look and feel to everything we do, one designed to better reflect the diverse client base we serve and differentiate our company in the marketplace. Even though our name is changing, our mission to connect people and spaces for powerful experiences remains the same.

The following FAQs are designed to help answer some questions you may have around our rebranding project. If you have any other questions not covered on this list, please reach out to your Attune Account Representative directly.

After more than 25 years of incredible accomplishments and milestones, we are embarking on the next chapter of our evolution as Attune. We believe the shift to this new identity provides an opportunity for us to better represent who we have become in the marketplace and more clearly illustrate the value we provide clients. We recognized there was an opportunity to ensure that our overall positioning, as well as our look and feel, better showcased our event spaces, managed services, and client support.

The word Attune means “to make aware or be responsive to changing trends.” Our new name reflects our ability to serve our diverse range of clients and a renewed commitment to our clients’ success. The name change allows us the opportunity to create a new energy around our main product offerings.

We will become Attune effective November 2019.

Our name, logo, colors, website, emails, and branding will change to reflect our new identity. You will see these changes reflected in our online presence, collateral, messaging, as well as on-site signage and branding in our venues.

Though we’re making these substantial changes to our outward appearance, our commitment to providing superior event spaces, enterprise-level managed services, and event support remains the same. We have a new name and look on the outside, but the team, products, and services you rely on will remain the same.

Our website will be moving from to It was important to us that clients, guests, partners, and vendors be easily able to find us on the web by searching our company name. has been built from the ground up for a better user experience. It offers a flatter structure and simplified navigation, allowing for easier access to information and service offerings. Messaging is clearer and speaks to a broader range of clients and event types. The site will still offer quick links to Tracker and other frequently used features such as venue search and contact options.

Because our name is changing, our emails and some billing information will be changing as well. Your account representative will be reaching out with a full rundown of all these changes. All emails will remain active for some time following the rebrand. If you have questions, feel free to reach out with current contact information in the meantime.